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Entrepreneurship can be rewarding, but it can also feel lonely. Sometimes there is a shame, doubt or fear which only makes us feel more isolated. We’ve seen it all. You’re not alone and we offer solutions.

You’re reading the small business help books and trying to improve systems, trying to ramp up revenue, but still at the end of the day, you don’t have enough profit, which results in no cash in the bank, no pay cheque for the owner and whatever little is left, goes to the taxman.

We understand where you’re at and can help you achieve your goals and become permanently profitable.

As an accountant who is also a certified Profit First Professional and a Business Growth Specialist certified with the Provendus Group, Ellen can guide entrepreneurs in reaching their goals and maximizing their profit.

Two proven resources that will make a difference in your business are the Pumpkin Plan & Profit First. 

The Pumpkin Plan

Your biggest business challenge is…
“My business has hit a growth ceiling. I want to grow but I do not know how”

Profit First

Your biggest business challenge is…
“My business is surviving cheque to cheque. I want to make more money!”